"For over 27 years, Mayur Leather Products Limited has built its Leather Safety Footwear Manufacturing Business on four key principles: vision, innovation, trust and value."

Our journey began in Rajasthan way back in 1987 with a nominal capital, when our family set up a small Leather Footwear manufacturing unit.

Today, We are a global company that provides Direct and Indirect employment to over 250 people and deals with Leather, Uppers and Full Shoes.

Shoe Manufacturing remains at the core of our company business and we have a dedicated Research & Development facility that is a hallmark of our commitment to innovation. Our highly skilled workforce and experienced management team operates state-of the art facilities utilising the most advanced technologies, and they share the company’s commitment to continued improvement.

We can ensure a constant supply of Leather SAFETY Footwear, earning goodwill and confidence of our associate buyer over a long standing period of Twenty Seven Years.

With Units in the Rajasthan, we serve and support our wide range of customers who are located throughout the Europe, Middle East, India and the Canada.

In our continued efforts to position ourselves as an innovative industry leader, Mayur Leather expanded our expertise in manufacturing to innovative Footwear manufacturing more than two decades ago. Today we pride ourselves for our support of global customers, some of whom have been with us for over Twenty Five years.

As a company, we enthusiastically adhere to Best Practice Principles and accept our Corporate Social Responsibility to create profits while ensuring safety of our environment and our workforce. We also, however, adopt a more proactive a comprehensive commitment to our workforce, our local communities and our country. For example, we work to improve the quality of life of our workforce and communities with eco-friendly and accident facilities, by providing safety equipments wherever required. Medical Insurance and accidental Insurance to fall back on in case of Contingent event. Human resource wealth in developing economy is difficult to source due to lack skill, experience, resilience while working in difficult conditions, Loyalty of employees and sense of belongingness towards the organization is what We strive to create. Workforce  responsible for creating wealth in the Company must be protected from Occupational Hazards. The management follows a policy "SAFETY AT EVERY STEP", and is applicable to all.

As we continue to identify new challenges, maintain our long-term focus on innovation and dedicate ourselves to significant societal contributions, I attribute our resounding success to the commitment of the entire team that is Mayur Group. What we do ... and how we do it ... will always matter.

Most sincerely,
Rajendra Kumar Poddar